The Tree of Ingratitude

In Genesis 3:1 – Satan says, “Did God really say?” This was a blatant attack on the word of God. Satan was putting doubt in Eve’s mind.  We have to be reminded that Satan constantly lies to us.  He wants us to think God isn’t good and that he may be withholding something from us.  Remember, Satan always wanted more.  He wanted more power and more glory.  I call this, the sin of ingratitude.  Satan was painful, ungrateful for what God had already given him.  Adam and Eve had everything but Satan lured them by deception and they thought they wanted to be like God. They believed the lie that God was holding back something that would fully nourish them.

Satan lies to us as well – telling us that God has taken away what we want but not what we need.  We complain under our breath about our spouses, our situations, our church, our co-workers, etc.  We ask God why do we live in the sense of rejection, or being less than, or in the sense of emotional pain?

Then we shake our fist at God and ask why aren’t we happy? I believe this is the sin of ingratitude.  I have seen in my own life – God will not give you more unless you are content with what you have.  The sin of ingratitude happens when we do not live a life of Thanksgiving.  If we want to live a full life – we will live with an attitude of gratitude.  We are to give thanks for everything – for all that God has given us.  When we live a life of thanksgiving we experience joy. It is a discipline to be grateful.  I practice this discipline to be thankful by keeping a gratitude journal.  Each day I write down the gifts that God has already given me.  They are just common things and I don’t even realize they are gifts until I write them down. When I write them down it is like unwrapping the love of God towards me. Today, I am grateful for kisses from my dogs, spring flowers starting to bloom, my health, my eternal home is heaven, clean sheets, that Jesus always holds my hand, etc. and the list continues.  Living a life of gratitude is a lifelong journey – a discipline to learn and practice.  When you practice a life of gratitude you will see a transformation in your life.

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