Are You Distracted or Determined?

In order to enjoy the present moment and the gifts it contains; we need to have balanced attitudes toward living life. Luke 10: 38-42 tells the story of Jesus’ visit to the home of two sisters, Mary and Martha. Martha was overly occupied and too busy (see Luke 10:40). But Mary sat down at Jesus’ feet and listened to what He had to say. Martha was distracted with much serving. This past Christmas I too found myself distracted with much busyness and serving. From hosting parties, shopping, wrapping, and completing to-do-lists. As a result, I found myself exhausted and no energy left to spend time in the word. I wish I was like Mary; she was thankful Jesus was there and was determined not to miss the beauty of the present moment. And Jesus said that Mary made a better choice than Martha did.

Jesus did not tell Martha not to work; He told her not to be frustrated and have a bad attitude what she worked. Jesus wants us to work hard, but He also wants us to be wise enough to realize when we should stop all activity and not to miss the miracle of the moment.

Looking into 2024, I am praying for balance in my life, and for God to help me do the work He has given me to do without letting it become a distraction to my relationship with Him. My word for 2024 is INTENTIONAL living. To intentionally be in the Word of God and enjoy the moments at the feet of the Savior daily.

2 thoughts on “Are You Distracted or Determined?

  1. Cindy Sudderth - January 2, 2024

    Great article Debbie! I, too, received the word “intentional” as what I should focus on for 2024. Yes, days are filled with busyness and business, yet we should never either of those come before God, family, and friends. May God guide our minds and hearts to be intent on including a balance as we shift our focus throughout each day on what truly matters.

  2. Beth Cross - January 8, 2024

    Oh girl……I feel like this so very much. I am one of the biggest “Martha’s” that I know. I would be so busy making sure the house looked good and there was enough food that I would hardly have a spare minute with my Father. It’s so hard to change that after you have lived it for 55 years now. But I too, want to change. Here’s to change in 2024……I hope you have a blessed year. Thanks for pouring in to all of the s ladies around Sugar Hill. You are loved my friend, and highly favored.

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