There are people all around us who need our comfort and care. The problem, however, arises when our heart says, “Go” but our mind says “No.” Sometimes we tend to avoid these situations because we don’t know what to say or do.
Caregiving doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some simple and practical ideas that will inspire you to care for someone in your life who is suffering. First, let’s list 4 basic Caregiving Basics to help ensure that you offer loved ones the attention and support that they need.

Pray to help ensure that your caregiving reflects the heart of God. Before you offer care, acknowledge your reliance on God’s strength and healing. During your caregiving, prayer communicates that we support our friend and reminding them of the comforting power of the Holy Spirit. Following up your care with a commitment to continue praying offer additional encouragement and support for your friend.

Listening is one of the most powerful ways you can help your friend who is suffering. When my dad was suffering from Dementia, we appreciated those who gave their complete and undistracted attention. Those who listened committed to hearing more than speaking. It is so important to resist the urge to give advice or tell your own story.

Respect the grief process because it is a normal and natural process by which your friend will make a healthy adjustment to any significant loss in their life. Stay present and gracious as you engage in your friend’s grief.

Preserve your friend’s dignity. Caregiving should not diminish a person’s feelings of self-worth/self-respect. Remember your friend no matter what they are going thru is a child of God. When you wonder how to respond, ask yourself what you would want to be done to you in the same situation.

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