Let’s get to the point.  Did you know you are involved in a war you cannot see?  Did you know that you have an enemy this is invisible? Your thinking – am I really involved in a war.

Let’s start by looking at the world we live in today.  You tell me is this natural or is it spiritual warfare?

3 years ago at this time, we saw on the news 21 Coptic Christian men on a beach in orange jumpsuits be beheaded by ISIS because they would not defy God.  They lost their lives – not because of a crime but because they believed in Jesus as their personal savior.  Would you call this natural or spiritual warfare?

Today we have Comedians, Spoofers and Commercial Entrepreneurs mock the name of Jesus Christ for their own gain.  We have come to a point that everything that relates to entertainment has an agenda many times blocking the beliefs of Christianity.  We live in a world today, where nothing is sacred anymore. Would you call this natural or spiritual warfare?

We live in a world today that’s moral compass has lost its orientation.  What used to be right is now wrong and what used to be wrong is now right.  We live in a world that bends to their likings.   Would you call this natural or spiritual warfare?

Today many Christians are ashamed to be identified as followers of Jesus.  Believers have become hesitant about sharing their stories/testimonies for fear of offending those who have bought into the tolerance generation.

Spiritual Warfare is the ongoing struggle between God and Satan.  God loves us and Satan does not like that.  Satan cannot attack God because they are not equals.  So if Satan can’t attack God he will attack his children.

One of Satan’s tactics against God’s children is for you and me to take our focus from God and put it on ourselves.  Satan wants to occupy you with the things of this world.

Ask yourself, are you pre-occupied with the things of this world?  Let’s answer a few questions.

Are you too busy to pray?

Are you too busy to read God’s Word?

Are you too busy to serve others?

Are you too busy to attend church?

Are you too busy to be involved in a bible study?

Satan likes to keep you preoccupied with the things of the world so you will not grow spiritually. Satan’s chief target is your mind because the most effective way to influence your behavior is to influence your thinking. Our actions are a direct result of our thoughts. Satan is all about stealing your testimony, killing your joy and destroying your spirit.

Ephesians 6: 10-17 tells us how to be equipped for spiritual warfare. Let’s look at that tomorrow.

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