Change your Words – Change your Life

Let’s start with James 1:26 – If you claim to be religious but don’t control your tongue, you are fooling yourself, and your religion is worthless. Our words are powerful and they impact our lives as well as others.  The first sound a baby usually makes is DA-DA.  These words are so powerful they make grown men cry when they hear them.  Words have tremendous power.  Words can either be positive and constructive or negative and destructive.  The Bible says in Proverbs 18:21 – The power of life and death are in the tongue.  We need to realize that every time we speak, we are either speaking life or death to those who hear us and even more important to ourselves.  Have you ever been around someone who always says something positive when you see them?  I have a friend who always greets me by saying, “How are you beautiful?”  She greets everyone this way and you are automatically drawn to her kind words.

How powerful are words? People have lost their jobs, their reputations and families over words they have spoken. Think of the last time you sent a text message to the wrong person and you start to sweat about what you wrote.  Today, we have a word explosion going on.  We have cell phones, Internet, texting, email, instant messaging, facebook, blogs, twitter, etc.  Words are flying around the atmosphere like never before. Never in the history of the world have words been so cheap, quick and viral.  Words are wonderful when used in a proper way.  They can encourage, edify and give confidence to the hearer.  A right word spoken at the right time can actually be life-changing.  Proverbs 15:23 – There is great joy in having the right answer. And how sweet is the right word at the right time! We can literally increase our own joy by speaking the right words.  When we truly understand the power of words and realize that we can choose what we think and speak our lives can be transformed.  With a few kind words, you can change your life and another person’s life for the better. Challenge – the words you speak tomorrow and the next day will benefit you and everyone who hears you!

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