I love to read.  I read all types of books.  I read books that teach me, books that make me laugh, books that inspire me and books that take me outside of myself and bring me into a whole new world.  My idea of a great vacation involves sitting on the beach and reading a book.

Just this week, I met with the busy moms book club and we spoke about a book we had all read.  We had the best time discussing various parts of the book that challenged our Christian faith and encouraged us to grow in our walk with Christ.

But for all the books I have read, there is no book that has shaped my life as much as the Bible. The interesting thing about the Bible is that while much of it contains stories about other people and other events, it is very personal. Too many people have Bibles but they are put on a shelf.  Unfortunately, many Bibles are never opened and they miss hearing from God.

His Word is His voice.  He longs for you and me to open it and become familiar with His voice.  My time with God always involves reading His Word.  As I read the Bible, it is almost as if God is inviting me into His very big world and opening up the possibility that His world can become my own.  It is not a question of how much I read, but rather how I let His Word shape my day.  I have read the Bible thru but lately, I have been spending days in one chapter and meditating on each word of scripture.  God has never spoken to me in an audible voice but he definitely speaks to me through His Word.

His Word is your map for living.  It is your “Waze.”  It is your navigation system thru life. God’s Word is your plan for life.  Without it, you will never arrive where you want to go. God’s Word gives us a purpose and a passion for living.

Today, begin a reading plan.  I have included a plan on the home page of my blog.  Read a portion of God’s word and let it speak to you.

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