Jesus Enjoys Giving

My two grandchildren, Isabella and Liam, live very close, and I am fortunate they visit often. One of their favorite activities is to check out Grandmom’s snack bag, which is just for them. I intentionally purchase new snack items they may have never had. They open their mouths wide whenever I ask them if they want to try something new. As their Grandmom, they trust me. And because I love them, I never take advantage of their trust. I make sure I offer delicious snacks that they will like.

Regarding my relationship with Jesus, I, too, must be childlike: trusting, fearless, and always full of hope. I believe that Jesus desires the best for me and that He has good plans for my life (Jeremiah 29:11). When seeking the Kingdom of God, sometimes I have to give up what is comfortable and trust God when He asks me to do something new. When God takes me down a new path, He always enables me so I can accomplish the task. Trusting God’s direction brings about an abundant life filled with joy and hope.

If you are not sure of God’s direction for your life, I recommend the Experiencing God Bible Study by Henry, Richard, and Mike Blackaby.

Experiencing God – Bible Study Book with Video Access: Blackaby, Henry T., Blackaby, Richard, Blackaby, Mike, King, Claude V.: 9781087741680: Books

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