The number one question I am asked – How do I know God’s calling on my life? The most important calling on your life is too spend time with God! Also many ask – Is God calling me? the answer is always, “Absolutely.” He’s calling each and every one of us to Himself. That’s the calling we all share.

Within the calling there will be things He asks us to do, steps of obedience He wants us to take. Whatever those are, we will never feel fully ready to do them. That is a good thing. Because it’s not about us. It’s about Him. Our brokenness, our weaknesses, and our failures are not enough to stop our unstoppable God.

I am living proof of that truth.  I imagine you are too. That’s why we need each other. You have heard the saying: You don’t have to show up perfect; you just have to show up. You are NEEDED! We are not meant to walk through life alone. Freedom is something we live together, not just on our own. Needing other people isn’t weakness; it’s wisdom. It’s the design God has always had in mind.

So let’s not give in to the fear or insecurity.  Let’s answer God’s call. Let’s draw closer to each other and to Him today.

God, we can get so fixated on what “our calling” might be, but what we know each and every day is that You call us to yourself. Help us to remember what you want most is not in our hands but our hearts, not our efforts but our devotion, not what we can do, but the love we have for You. 


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