Few things will bring joy to your life like knowing you’re following the dreams God has put in your heart. Even when the process is difficult, it’s worth it just to know you’re headed in the direction God has mapped out for you.

If you’ve lost your joy lately, make sure you haven’t deviated from the path you’re meant to travel.  Sadly, we can spend precious time sometimes even a lifetime-fulfilling someone else’s dreams. This isn’t to say you must not sacrifice your life for another: spending yourself caring for a sick child or mentally ill sibling, for example, might well be God’s perfect will for you. It’s not that life must be about you, but it must be about God’s will for you.  Giving in to someone’s demands to help them reach their selfish goals isn’t sacrificial: it’s disobedient.

For myself, my God-dreams are encouraging others to get excited about spending time with Jesus and learning how to read His Word. Nothing gives me greater joy than teaching others how to study God’s Word for themselves. That is what I live for each day.

Ask yourself, are your current activities leading you toward the dreams God’s given you or away from them? Determine today to know the joy of realizing your God-dreams by saying yes to His perfect plan for you.

“Come, follow me.” Matthew 4:19

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